How does Auntie work

It’s pretty simple: your organisation subscribes to Auntie and employees get easy access to a wide range of online mental health exercises and readings, and the option to book confidential one-to-one sessions with a qualified mental health professional.
How Auntie Works

A modern perspective on mental
health, personalised for your people

Auntie’s comprehensive approach helps employees access the right resources, right when they need them.

Auntie is a preventative help

Some everyday challenges don't require healthcare services. Often lighter support is enough. When it comes to motivational challenges, time management, or other need for short-term support, Auntie is often the more effective option.

Confidential one-to-one mental health sessions

The core of Auntie’s service is our offering of  carefully crafted mental health packages, tailored to life’s common challenges. Each package includes five 45-minute online sessions with an Auntie mental health professional, along with helpful readings and exercises. Learn more about our packages here.

Toolbox for opening mental blocks

MyAuntie is a platform that helps employees easily improve their mental health – with access to self-guided content, exercises, and one-to-one Auntie sessions.

Auntie Insights to help improve wellbeing

Auntie Insights is an indispensable tool in the HR toolkit. HR team members and managers can access anonymised data to gather insights about usage of Auntie, popular mental health packages, satisfaction with the service and the overall feeling among employees.

Mental health packages based on well researched, effective methodology

Auntie packages are bundles of one-to-one sessions to support employees in their mental health challenges.

Each package includes five 45-minute online sessions with an Auntie mental health professional, along with helpful exercises and reading material. Check out all packages below.

The Auntie method is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), solution focused therapy, as well as positive psychology.

Psychological support


Stressed Out

Do you feel like you are in survival mode? Some stress is actually good, but what is the right amount? If you’re waking before dawn, your thoughts swirling around work, or you’re already worried about tomorrow’s to-do list…it might be time to ask for help.

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Do you always feel like you must go the extra mile? Are you unable to say no to more tasks, even when your plate is full?  It’s great to have a strong drive, relish challenges and strive for perfection. When your inner voice always whispers, “never enough”, though, you yearn for self-compassion.

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Lost in Transition

Are you looking for a new direction? Has a recent change thrown you off course, leaving you uncertain or unmotivated? Change is a part of life, and sometimes we just can’t keep up. It can leave you feeling anxious about the future. You want to reach out for help to find the right path for you.

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Sleepless in Seattle

Are you missing the joy of feeling rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep? Do you struggle to fall asleep or find yourself lying awake at night?When you can’t sleep even when you are tired and the bed is inviting, something has thrown your body off balance. You need new tools and strategies to make you and your sweet dreams friends again.

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Feeling Down

Have you lost energy? Do you skip chores and just zone out in the evenings watching movies and TV series? We all have good days and bad days. Sometimes the bad days pile up, but it’s good to talk. You want a caring hand to get you out of this funk.

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Back to Business

Are you heading back to a regular job after a long break? Do the new workplace surroundings leave you feeling insecure? You may have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, but the change brings new stress and changes that can be exhausting.

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Loveboat Sinking

Are you in a relationship at risk? Does a heavy heart keep you from concentrating on your tasks at work? We humans are complex creatures, influenced by our values and our environment. Relationships can go through good times and bad. When sailing through stormy weather, remember that you are not just a passenger.

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Did something happen that has left you feeling completely overwhelmed? Are you drowning in a sea of anxiety?  Life is full of surprises, but sometimes the unexpected knocks you far off balance. You are frozen in your tracks or overcome by emotion…and you need someone to intervene.

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Coaching and development


Leading Me

Do you find it hard to prioritise tasks? Is your day-to-day direction more zigzag than straight ahead? When everything seems equally important, and you feel you need to do it all at once, some self-management skills can help ensure you don’t bury yourself in your work.

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Building Me

Is everything going pretty well, and you are wondering what next? Do you still feel like you are stuck in your life and career? Even a seemingly good life can feel like a daily drill at times. Now could be the time to focus on you.

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Good to Great

Do you long for more, despite your success? Are you looking to switch things up and take on new challenges? It’s time to grab the bull by the horns! Make a giant leap in personal growth and career development.

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Leader packages


Born to Lead

Do you find yourself in a management position for the first time? Do you have a new team, or maybe a new area that makes you feel insecure?When you need to lead but need a boost in self-confidence, you could use some help to develop skills and methods that help you step into bigger boots.

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Dream Team in Process

How do you get your team to all pull the rope in the same direction? Do you want to learn emotional leadership skills? Everyone ticks a little differently. You would like to make sure you can inspire all kinds of people in a team that works seamless together and shares a winning attitude.

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Leader in Rough Waters

Has your team experienced a shakeup that left everyone stunned? Is the whole company undergoing change, causing widespread confusion? There’s no doubt – you are facing exceptional times and need someone to help you find possible courses of action and clarify your own role.

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Getting started with Auntie


Book a meeting

Book a meeting with one of our Account Managers, and they’ll give you a tour of Auntie, present pricing options and help you evaluate how many packages you need.


Subscribe to Auntie

Our flexible and scalable pricing options provide you with exactly the right mental health support for your team. Choose Auntie Classic or Auntie Plus, both offering affordable service models for your team.


Internal launch support

To help you launch Auntie successfully, our Customer Happiness team runs information sharing sessions and support you in communicating about Auntie in your organisation.


Employees use Auntie when they need to

Employees can access mental health exercises and readings, or choose a mental health package. For those who choose a package, an Auntie professional will get in touch within 1-3 days.


Get insights and reporting

After more than 10 employees have used a package, HR and managers receive anonymised data on popular packages, satisfaction with the Auntie service, statistics about the reduction in stress levels and more. 

Our modern, holistic approach to mental health

The Auntie method is based on recognised psychological methods, mainly Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), solution focused therapy, as well as positive psychology.

With Auntie, employees build self-esteem, achieve a positive work-life balance, stay motivated, develop their own skills, and increase the relevance of their work.

Our modern, holistic approach to mental health

What do our customers have to say?

Auntie extends my reach. It means we have access to professional experts who give our employees good advice, support and useful tools to help them to deal with the challenges they are facing.

With Auntie, we can solve small problems before they turn into bigger ones. The service pays for itself many times over.

Even if just one extended period of sick leave can be avoided, we’re doing well. The importance of Auntie in particular is reflected in our employer image and staff engagement. Using Auntie tells our staff we care about them.

ready to invest in your people

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