Why Auntie?

Organisations that use Auntie report a 22% decrease in stress levels and a 14.5%  increase in work efficiency. Attitudes towards work and changes are more positive, and employees feel better - both at work and in their freetime.

Brighter businesses invest in mental health — not only because it’s better for the bottom line, but because they care about their people. 
Auntie offers mental health related services for the workplace

Small investment, huge impact

Auntie is an easy access service that helps employees take an active role in their mental wellbeing. We help them to build strength and resilience to face life’s tough situations with confidence.
Small investment, huge impact with Auntie
Real, proven impact
Auntie users report a 22% decrease in stress and a 27% increase in wellbeing – both at work and at home. Not only that, but their productivity increases by 14.5%.
Evidence-based care approach
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is the core of Auntie’s approach, as well as solution focused therapy, and positive psychology, for good reason. ACT helps people develop psychological flexibility through accepting what is out of their control, and focusing on creating positive change in the areas they can influence.
Employees just love Auntie
Auntie users report a 9.2/10 satisfaction with the service — and 99% would recommend their teammates use Auntie too. Oh, and 91% would use Auntie again.
We take privacy seriously

As a mental health service, our work impacts the private, personal and professional lifes of our users – so we take every precaution to keep their data and information safe. 

On a company-wide level, Auntie's ISMS is ISO 27001 certified by Nixu. This demonstrates that Auntie manages its information security and applies best practices across the board.

More than just numbers: what happens when you invest in mental health?

Your people are the most valuable part of your business — but you know that already. Compared to the cost of burnout, sick leave and turnover, investing in mental health is a no-brainer. 
(Source: Deloitte)


Average return of €6 for every €1 spent on services like Auntie



Cost of absence due to mental health: €1500-2000 per employee per year



Cost of presenteeism: €4660 per employee per year



Cost of employee turnover: 1.5-2x yearly salary per employee

The ROI of investing in mental health

Like any workplace initiative, it’s important to consider cost and the return on investment. We created this helpful guide to answer those questions as well as explain the cost of not investing in mental health.

Auntie guide The ROI of investing in mental health
-22 %

stress reduction


customer satisfaction

97 %

recommend Auntie



130 +

qualified Auntie professionals

25 +


Brighter organisations choose Auntie

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