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Auntie offers hassle-free online services that support the mental well-being of employees before problems such as stress, overachieving or finding motivation become overwhelming. Measurable results are achieved with structured packages that focus on finding concrete solutions for everyday problems together with a mental well-being professional.

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Do you want to take the mental well-being of your employees to a new level? Interested in cooperation?

Auntie – Solutions for everyday problems

Watch the video to see how Auntie performs a Mission Impossible level rescue operation for mental well-being!

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You, how are you feeling at work and at home? How is your stress level and motivation in your job? Are everyday struggles taking over your happiness?

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HR representative, are you looking for ways to prevent work-related stress, improve resilience and motivation at work, and help employees do their jobs efficiently and in a self-directed way?

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Manager, how is your team doing? Do you feel like there is a good energy and functional team dynamics? Does the working environment support success?

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C-level manager

Do you know that well-being at work has an impact on the organisation’s results and overall performance as well as employer image and reputation?

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How are you, are you managing in your everyday life, are you sure you will cope? What happens to your company if you don’t?

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Is there stress, exhaustion, overachieving and lack of motivation in your work community? Not to worry, as Auntie helps in these and many other well-being at work problems, in organisations of all sizes regardless of the industry they are in. Learn more about the Auntie service.


Finnish Growth Company Auntie Ranked One of the 2021 Best Workplaces in Europe™

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P.S. More useful readings about well-being at work and webinar recordings are available in our material bank.

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Together, we will find the best options for your company to increase the well-being of your employees with the help of Auntie’s service packages.