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Facing challenges with stress and motivation in your organisation? Get the help your people need with Auntie, providing mental health support for healthier, happier employees.
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Auntie - simple solutions to life's tough situations


A simple solution to life’s tough situations

Your people are the most valuable part of your business — but you know that already. Compared to the cost of burnout, sick leave and employee turnover, investing in mental health is a no-brainer.

Auntie provides preventative support for mental health that helps employees handle challenges related to stress and motivation before they become overwhelming.

A modern, personalised perspective on mental health

Auntie’s comprehensive approach helps employees access the right resources, right when they need them.

Auntie is a preventative help

Some everyday challenges don't require healthcare services. Often lighter support is enough. When it comes to motivational challenges, time management, or other need for short-term support, Auntie is often the more effective option.

Confidential one-to-one mental health sessions

The core of Auntie’s service is our offering of  carefully crafted mental health packages, tailored to life’s common challenges. Each package includes five 45-minute online sessions with an Auntie mental health professional, along with helpful readings and exercises. Learn more about our packages here.

Toolbox for opening mental blocks

MyAuntie is a platform that helps employees easily improve their mental health – with access to self-guided content, exercises, and one-to-one Auntie sessions.

Auntie Insights to help improve wellbeing

Auntie Insights is an indispensable tool in the HR toolkit. HR team members and managers can access anonymised data to gather insights about usage of Auntie, popular mental health packages, satisfaction with the service and the overall feeling among employees.

Mental health packages based on well researched, effective methodology

Auntie packages are bundles of one-to-one sessions to support employees in their mental health related challenges.

Each package includes five 45-minute online sessions with an Auntie mental health professional, along with helpful exercises and reading material. Check out a few of our most popular packages below.

The Auntie method is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), solution focused therapy, as well as positive psychology.

Auntie Stressed Out package

Stressed Out

Do you feel like you are in survival mode? Some stress is actually good, but what is the right amount? If you’re waking before dawn, your thoughts swirling around work, or you’re already worried about tomorrow’s to-do list…it might be time to ask for help.

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Auntie Overachiever package


Do you always feel like you must go the extra mile? Are you unable to say no to more tasks, even when your plate is full? It’s great to have a strong drive, relish challenges and strive for perfection. When your inner voice always whispers, “never enough”, though, you yearn for self-compassion.

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Building Me package

Building Me

Is everything going pretty well, and you are wondering what next? Do you still feel like you are stuck in your life and career? Even a seemingly good life can feel like a daily drill at times. Now could be the time to focus on you.

Learn more

Why do our customers choose

Auntie has been the first choice for more than 450 customers when it comes to mental health support.


Low threshold

The MyAuntie platform and our structured package approach makes asking for help easier and leads to measurable results sooner. 



Real-time insights

With Auntie Insights, you gain confident knowledge about how your employees are doing, and actionable feedback on how to support them best.



Proven results

We’ve measurably improved mental health and earned exceptional feedback in hundreds of organisations.



Language selection

Auntie professionals offer over 25 languages to provide high quality, personalised support.



ISO-certified data security

Auntie’s data system ISMS is ISO 27001 certified by Nixu, and regularly audited by external auditors.



Easy access

Your employees get the support they need within 1-3 days from a qualified mental health professional.

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Can you recognise signs of burnout in one of your team members? For managers and HR leaders, knowing the signs (and what to do about them) is important for providing early, preventative support.

Auntie guide for managers - How to recognise burnout

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