Stressed out?

Do you sometimes feel that your life is just one task after another? No matter how hard you work, the length of the to-do list seems to keep getting longer. If you find yourself thinking only about work and chores, it may be time to stop and discuss with a professional what you could do to avoid exhaustion.
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What's the matter?

Temporary stress can improve performance by increasing alertness, attention and focus on the task at hand. A stress response can also help you stop and take a break if the signals are read correctly. However, prolonged stress is a total drain on the mind and body. It causes everything from indigestion to constant irritability and high blood pressure. Regardless of the symptoms stress causes, it is very important for your wellbeing and work performance to get stress under control.

How can Auntie help?

In practice, not all the stressors in life can be eliminated, but with the help of an Auntie professional, you will learn how to identify, handle and manage stress, as well as the thoughts and feelings associated with it. This can help you find ways to support your wellbeing and cope better with stressful life situations.

Do you believe your organisation could benefit from Auntie?

With the information you provide, we plan to get in touch with your organisation to discuss the advantages of Auntie and potential steps for implementation.

a little about auntie

A little about Auntie

Auntie offers preventive mental wellbeing services that, for example, help employees find new perspectives and solutions to situations that cause stress or weaken motivation before they become overwhelming. 

Employees can book confidential one-to-one sessions with a qualified mental wellbeing professional. They also get easy access to a wide range of online mental wellbeing exercises and other related materials.

Auntie mental wellbeing professionals are e.g., psychologists, psychotherapists and brief therapists.

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Auntie’s mental health professional did not narrow things down to my stress. Instead, they really knew how to help me talk about the things that were relevant to me at different times.

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