Feeling Down

Is your couch holding you as a hostage?


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Do you feel that no amount of sleep is enough and you could sleep forever? Is there actually any good reason for waking up?


What’s the matter?

You are constantly tired and everyday life is somehow overwhelmingly difficult to cope with. Joy has vanished from your life and future looks gray too. Your ability for enthusiasm and initiative are missing. Your sofa has become your favorite place at night, and you may find yourself staring at one TV series after another. Nothing feels like fun anymore.

How can we help?

The earlier you notice what is going on and you start to paddle, the sooner your boat will turn to a better direction. Taking a good look at your self and your life helps always, and when you get small tasks to think about and practice also between the sessions, you will soon find your way out. We all have tough times in our lives, this we can’t deny, but the key is not to get stuck in it for too long and start acting already when the first symptoms arrive.

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