Auntie for the individual

Well-being at work for a happy you

  • How do you feel about yourself, your work and your life?
  • Has life happened and your motivation has run off?
  • Does every day feel like a Monday?
  • Are you stuck in survival mode? Has worry taken over your life?
  • Do you work with your mind elsewhere?
  • Do you know the cause of your insomnia or is it an every night mystery?
  • Has something hit the fan in your work community, or is the entire company in the grip of change? 

Auntie provides an easy access mental well-being service when everyday struggles take over your happiness. Auntie gives support to employees suffering from stress, overachieving or lost motivation.


Prolonged stress will lead to exhaustion

If you can relate to the problems above that means you have crossed the line. Prolonged stress without recovery will lead to exhaustion. Life is constantly changing and sometimes we just can’t keep up. But reaching out for help can make the sun shine again without wasting another day, and the earlier the better!  It is easier to fix problems before they escalate.

Auntie offers psychological conversational support and has a practical approach. Our Auntie professionals help you find the solutions to your stress, sleeplessness, lack of motivation or problems in professional and personal life. Auntie’s goal is to prevent challenges related to coping and mental well-being from escalating into crises. It is proven that Auntie service packages will make you feel better and happier, you will be able to increase your productivity while having a higher job satisfaction, engagement and better social relationships.

Auntie has mental well-being service packages to tackle these issues and make you feel better again. Nine of the packages are suitable for everyone and the five Leader packages are for supporting leaders and supervisors with the daily challenges and coping.

Learn more about the Auntie Service packages and the Auntie Leader packages.

The most popular Auntie packages

Stressed Out

The right amount of stress can be good. Prolonged stress without recovery will lead to exhaustion. At Stressed Out, you get helping tools for dealing with it and recovering.

Learn more

Lost in Transition

Life is constant change and sometimes we just can’t keep up. Reaching out for help can make the sun shine again without wasting another day.

Learn more

Leading Me

What does self-direction really even mean? Does it feel like you have to learn both to swim and to know the direction in which to swim in the cold water?

Learn more

Auntie is a service that organisations offer to their employees

Auntie Classic Service - low threshold mental well-being

Auntie is a low-threshold well-being service based on conceptualized packages around specific work or life situation related themes common to people in working life. The packages are conducted with an Auntie professional via video connection according to your schedules. Auntie is a preventative, solution focused service that can be accessed even before the issues escalate to problems.

When your employer offers you Auntie services, you can register for Auntie service packages yourself or through HR or your manager.

Then you can select the package that suits you best. If necessary, an Auntie professional can help with the package selection.

Each Auntie package includes five 45-minute video sessions with a mental well-being professional and easy exercises. All sessions are 100 % confidential. Our Auntie professionals, who are psychologists, psychotherapists, brief therapists and solution-focused therapists speak several languages, you could have the service in your own mother tongue if you wish.

If your employer does not yet offer Auntie services, please let us know!

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