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Employee well-being

How to recognise burnout?

Do managers and leaders in your organisation know how are people doing in their team?

Employee well-being

What is the ROI of investing in employees’ mental health?

What is the cost of an employee who does not feel 100% well at work but still shows up?

Employee well-being

Is there an overachiever in your team?

Do you have colleagues who shoulder the burden of other people’s troubles as well as their own? Learn to recognise overa...


How to regulate emotions at the workplace?

How can you better cope with intense emotions? What can strengthen positive emotions? In the webinar, we will broaden th...

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Workplace performance: presenteeism vs quiet quitting

The webinar explores the underlying causes of these phenomena, teaches how to recognize the signs, and presents preventa...

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Julkinen sektoriTyöhyvinvointi

Auntie supports ambitious researchers and managers - University of Oulu, Finland.

At the University of Oulu, the academic environment plays a crucial role in employee wellbeing. While work is quite auto...

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Workplace wellbeingIT Services or IT Consulting

Auntie enabling good work ability and business – Rakettitiede

Rakettitiede offers expertise in demanding software development by providing specialists for its customers’ product deve...

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gaming industrysuccess diaryStress and recovery

A new perspective from Auntie helped conquer feelings of inadequacy and avoid overworking – Anssi, Redhill Games

Anssi Kosonen works as a digital marketing manager at Redhill Games. He manages the company’s advertising on various dig...

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IT Services or IT ConsultingStress and recoverytime management

From Check-In to time management - Robert, Silo AI

Robert works as an AI engineer at Silo, and he has been with the fast-growing company for three years now. His tasks inc...

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Company news

Auntie honoured to be on Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 list and to receive Impact Award

November 16th, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland | In acknowledgment of innovation, impact, and steadfast dedication, Auntie is p...

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Company news

Introducing Auntie's new CEO: Immo’s vision for mental health and workplace wellbeing

We have some exciting news to share: We are happy to introduce the newest addition to Auntie, Immo Salonen, who will be ...

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recovery during holidayStress and recovery

Letting go is not the same as giving up

The holiday season is a time for all kinds of traditions. Some of them are ones that in themselves bring the spirit of t...

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presenteeismQuiet quittingWorkplace wellbeing

Quiet quitting and presenteeism: lessons for work communities

Quiet quitting has been a topic of discussion in working life in Finland like many other places. Quiet quitting refers t...

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Employee well-being

Auntie in a Nutshell - How Auntie helped Mirja through a major change

In this video Johanna Varje, Head of Growth at Auntie Solutions Oy, talks about how Auntie can help when the going gets ...

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returning to workHR Podcastswell-being at work

Auntie Talks Podcast - Jenni Närvä - Back to Business

What are the challenges of people returning to work after a longer period of time away from the office due to the pandem...

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speak-up cultureEmployee engagementHR Podcasts

Auntie Talks Podcast - Anu-Kristiina Holm - Speak-up culture

What does it mean to have a speak-up culture? What does it represent in practice? Do people really feel free to express ...

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