Auntie Talks Podcast - Heide Nuutinen: Saying no without regret

Auntie professional, psychologist Heide Nuutinen is Auntie's Johanna Rosengren's (former Varje) quest in this episode of Auntie Talks. In Heide’s work with Auntie customers she often came across stressed out and overworked people. Through discussions Heide learned that many of their problems were a result of not being able to set boundaries - to delegate the work or to say “no”.

Is it a question of lack of resources? You may be the only one capable of doing some job so you feel obliged to do it. Are you afraid of hurting someone else's feelings? Or are you new in your job and feel a need to prove yourself?

To get over this problem, Heide helps people to clarify their wants and needs and then step by step learn to start sticking to these boundaries - to say no.

Listen to Heide’s concrete step by step advice to learn to say no without regret!

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