Auntie Talks Podcast: Mikael Saarinen – How do personal problems affect well-being at the workplace?

If your heart is broken at home, it is also broken at the workplace, as we are holistic beings. Psychologist, psychotherapist Mikael Saarinen talks with Auntie's Founder Mervi Lamminen about various personal life problems that affect the well-being at work – and not only for the person having the problem but also those around them.

Life changing events like problems in your marriage, health issues, career doubts, losing motivation etc. change you as a person, and not for the better. Your colleagues may start to be angry with you, avoid you, just try to survive you. What should be done to help someone with personal life issues? How should the supervisor support the person returning to work after taking a sick-leave? Listen to Auntie Talks!

Listen to the episode:  Mikael Saarinen – How do personal problems affect the well-being at the workplace?

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