Auntie Talks - Margaretha Madoures - How to work with difficult colleagues

We spend about a third of our lives at work, and the chances of interacting with a difficult colleague, boss or employee during our lifespan are high. Not getting along with someone we spend so much time with is very energy consuming. Auntie professional, psychologist and relaxation therapist Margaretha Madoures is covering this topic in a discussion with Auntie’s Johanna Rosengren (former Varje) in this episode of Auntie Talks. 

Are there any tools to deal with the people we have a hard time getting on with? Is there any way that we can face those people without affecting our work and social life? What to do if you cannot avoid working with someone you are uncomfortable with?

Listen to the Auntie Talks Podcast and get Margaretha’s insights on how to stay calm, achieve a clear communication with all types of people and reduce conflict. 

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