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Welcome, here you can find useful materials about well-being at work and webinar recordings from Auntie.

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Minimum effort, maximum effect – Auntie helps quickly and easily

For Ramboll it is clear – only satisfied, committed employees develop creative ideas and innovative approaches to solutions. That’s why ...

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Reconciling work and other life – Help from shared ground rules

Many of us have found ourselves at a job where the time and place to do the work are not ...

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How to stay consistently motivated

We have all had that experience: Tasks are fun and it is easy to be motivated when they are new ...

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Stepstones and pitfalls of a successful leader

Taking responsibility, setting boundaries and communicating openly The increasing need for experienced leaders encourages existing professionals to think about whether ...

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The perfect job, not quite what you expected?

As a professional I have encountered clients who felt disillusioned after starting a new position. The job that they were ...

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Customer Stories

Auntie supports If employees with the challenges of the changing work environment

The arrival of robotics has proven useful in the insurance sector, but the more complex cases are starting to take over most of the workday. The workload increases as cases become more challenging

Auntie provides a helping hand for Intrum on the early support model

According to Intrum’s HR Specialist Sini Mökkönen, Auntie has reached the goals set out for the service, and the desired positive impact on workplace well-being has clearly been achieved. The whole mental well-being package of Intrum’s staff has been successfully reinforced by Auntie.

Auntie’s influence spreads throughout the whole work community in the City of Porvoo

According to work ability coordinator Kerstin Johansson, the introduction of Auntie was done specifically with the early support model in mind and to be ready to resolve challenges as they come up within the work community.

Guides and downloadable materials

Download guide: “How to identify burnout – a guide to managers”

How are people doing in your team? Do you feel that you have a good level of work engagement, a well-functioning work community, and a good work environment? This guide provides information for managers about the early support model and about how to identify an employee in need of support. At the end, you will find an evaluation tool, which you can use to help you gauge the mental well-being of your team members.

Download guide: "6 ways to use Auntie"

There are as many ways to use Auntie as there are company cultures and users. In this guide we have shared some of the ways our customer organizations use Auntie as well as best practices they have found to be useful.

Download guide: What is the ROI of investing in employees' mental health?

While the happy employees are 15-20 % more productive, the absenteeism costs per employee who drop out due poor mental health can cost an average of 45,000 euros. What can employers do to prevent and improve the situation, and what is the ROI of doing so?

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Auntie Talks Podcast

Auntie Talks – solutions for everyday problems in 15 minutes!


Auntie webinars

Auntie organises webinars on well-being at work. You can view our open-to-all webinars in our YouTube channel.


Auntie - Solutions for everyday problems

Solutions for everyday problems. At best, life is smooth sailing. Sometimes, however, we hit sharp edges and get paper cuts; life doesn’t always run smoothly due to, for example work stress, lack of motivation, or when we feel like we’re not enough. Luckily, you are not alone – Auntie’s here to help!

Auntie in a Nutshell - How Auntie helped Mirja through a major change

In this video Johanna Varje, Head of Growth at Auntie Solutions Oy, talks about how Auntie can help when the going gets really tough. One of Auntie's clients, Mirja, tells how Auntie helped her after a serious illness.

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