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Welcome to listen to Auntie Talks Podcasts! We give solutions for everyday problems in 15 to 20 minutes in episodes with HR professionals from brighter organisations or our own Auntie professionals.


returning to workHR Podcastswell-being at work

Auntie Talks Podcast - Jenni Närvä - Back to Business

What are the challenges of people returning to work after a longer period of time away from the office due to the pandem...

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speak-up cultureEmployee engagementHR Podcasts

Auntie Talks Podcast - Anu-Kristiina Holm - Speak-up culture

What does it mean to have a speak-up culture? What does it represent in practice? Do people really feel free to express ...

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employee activity clubsemployee activityHR Podcasts

Auntie Talks Podcast - Anu-Kristiina Holm - Employee activity promotes well-being

Anu-Kristiina Holm works as Head of People at Ericsson, Finland, where there are about 50 different nationalities amongs...

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Auntie professionals' podcasts

Auntie Talks - Margaretha Madoures - How to work with difficult colleagues

We spend about a third of our lives at work, and the chances of interacting with a difficult colleague, boss or employee...

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HR Podcasts

Auntie Talks - Tiina Hahtovirta: Leading well-being remotely

Leading well-being remotely has become a key topic. Work practicalities had to be made safe for the whole team. Excellen...

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Auntie professionals' podcastsboundariesStress and recovery

Auntie Talks Podcast - Heide Nuutinen: Saying no without regret

Auntie professional, psychologist Heide Nuutinen is Auntie's Johanna Rosengren's (former Varje) quest in this episode of...

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Auntie professionals' podcastspersonal life at workwell-being at work

Auntie Talks Podcast: Mikael Saarinen – How do personal problems affect well-being at the workplace?

If your heart is broken at home, it is also broken at the workplace, as we are holistic beings. Psychologist, psychother...

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Auntie professionals' podcastsmillennials at workStress and recovery

Auntie Talks Podcast: Hanna-Kaisa Raninen – Millennials, do they need special care in working life?

Hanna-Kaisa Raninen – a millennial herself – talks with Mervi Lamminen about the myths and truths about millennials at w...

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company imageHR PodcastsGrowth Company

Auntie Talks Podcast: Veera Lehmonen, Cuckoo Workout – Well-being services and company image

Veera Lehmonen, CEO of Cuckoo Workout – a growth company in the field of microbreaks for employees is Mervi Lamminen’s g...

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