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Aiming to please – redraw your boundaries

As herd animals, people are naturally willing to please. Feeling accepted and belonging to a group are deep-seated basic...

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Strong emotions at work

Sooner or later, you will encounter strong emotions at the workplace. Whether it is an angry colleague, a stressed manag...

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Impostor Syndrome

Especially younger professionals often feel that they are not good enough at their jobs. This goes along with the naggin...

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Encountering adversity with resilience – how can resilience be strengthened?

We all face different setbacks throughout our lives. We face both small everyday adversities and major life changes and ...

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Saying “No” without regret – Step by step

During my work with Auntie clients, one topic is coming up regularly: the need to set clear boundaries. There is the lea...

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On the other side of the hard-luck stories are high hopes

You probably know the type that always seems to complain? The conversation usually starts with something said in a whini...

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