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Giving and receiving feedback

Almost everyone wants feedback on their work, but giving or receiving feedback is not always an easy task. How to give corrective feedback in a clear but constructive way? And how to receive feedback so that your own defence mechanisms or feelings of inferiority don't immediately go overboard?

One becomes incapacitated when receiving corrective feedback, the other is bloodily injured. The manager may not give feedback at all for fear of the recipient's reactions. In turn, a talent who is valuable to the workplace may lose their motivation completely in the end, as they never receive a word of thanks or encouragement.

Everyone needs some kind of feedback on what they do. Without any feedback, you feel more or less lost on whether you're doing the right things the right way. 

This webinar will introduce you to the model of constructive feedback without forgetting the importance of positive feedback.

We have delivered this webinar also in Finnish, watch it here.

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Webinar speaker


Margaretha Madoures

BSc. and MSc. Psychologist and relaxation therapist. I believe in a flexible, client-focused approach to my work and actively help people to find immediately practical solutions for their issues with tools that work for them. I have a special passion for helping my clients in achieving a balanced approach to work and down time, which ensures constant and sustainable productivity. Together we try out different techniques that we adjust and "troubleshoot" over the course of the sessions. Independent of where my clients start, they will leave the sessions with a variety of psychological tools to help them cope better at work and in their private life.

a little about auntie

A little about Auntie

Auntie provides preventative services for mental health that help employees to handle stress and motivation related challenges before they become overwhelming.

Employees get easy access to a wide range of online mental health exercises and readings, and the option to book confidential one-to-one sessions with a qualified mental health professional.

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