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Auntie Talks Podcast - Heide Nuutinen: Saying no without regret

Auntie professional, psychologist Heide Nuutinen is Auntie's Johanna Rosengren's (former Varje) quest in this episode of...

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Auntie Talks Podcast: Hanna-Kaisa Raninen – Millennials, do they need special care in working life?

Hanna-Kaisa Raninen – a millennial herself – talks with Mervi Lamminen about the myths and truths about millennials at w...

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Stress and recoverystress bucket

How’s your stress bucket holding up?

Are you aware that you carry a bucket with you at all times? Indeed, you do, although it's not visible. It's known as yo...

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recovery during holidayStress and recovery

Letting go is not the same as giving up

The holiday season is a time for all kinds of traditions. Some of them are ones that in themselves bring the spirit of t...

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Stress and recovery

The building blocks of recovery for a better daily life

Does your recovery mean sleeping in on the weekend? How are you doing right now if you think about the last two weeks? A...

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recovery during holidayStress and recovery

Vacation bliss or vacation stress? Get the most out of your holidays!

It is a commonly held belief that extended time off can help to decrease work-related stress and improve work motivation...

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importance of sleepStress and recovery

Is sleep your superpower (yet)?

We’ve all heard it before: Sleep is very important. And yet, most are not able to get the right amount nor quality of sl...

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recovery skillsStress and recoveryrelaxation

Recovery skills

The time before Christmas starts after the summer vacation. New goals are set and start to fade after a week or two. Tha...

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work-life balanceStress and recoveryReconciling work and other life

Reconciling work and other life - Help from shared ground rules

Many of us have found ourselves at a job where the time and place to do the work are not well defined. Knowledge- and ex...

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brain recoveryStress and recovery

6 tips for unwinding from work

Recovery is something we often think about in the context of physical performance. When working out, it is well known th...

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balance work and stresschronic stressStress and recovery

Find a balance between stress and recovery

How are you right now if you think about the last two weeks? Based on your own assessment, is your stress gauge showing ...

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IT Services or IT ConsultingStress and recovery

A service that improves the mood at the organization pays for itself - HappyOrNot

HappyOrNot is a company focused on providing innovative solutions for measuring and improving customer and employee sati...

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Civil Engineering or ConstructionStress and recoveryresilience

Minimum effort, maximum effect - Auntie helps quickly and easily - Ramboll

For Ramboll it is clear - only satisfied, committed employees develop creative ideas and innovative approaches to soluti...

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gaming industrysuccess diaryStress and recovery

A new perspective from Auntie helped conquer feelings of inadequacy and avoid overworking – Anssi, Redhill Games

Anssi Kosonen works as a digital marketing manager at Redhill Games. He manages the company’s advertising on various dig...

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IT Services or IT ConsultingStress and recoverytime management

From Check-In to time management - Robert, Silo AI

Robert works as an AI engineer at Silo, and he has been with the fast-growing company for three years now. His tasks inc...

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changes in working lifeBusiness servicesStress and recovery

For Johanna, Auntie is a mirror – Johanna Joutsen, dentsu

Johanna Joutsen works at dentsu, and has recently moved on to lead the company’s experiential marketing business. Johann...

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