End user stories

Read what the users of Auntie packages say about their experience with Auntie! How has Auntie helped them with their everyday challenges, what aha-moments have they had? 
IT Services or IT ConsultingStress and recoverytime management

From Check-In to time management - Robert, Silo AI

Robert works as an AI engineer at Silo, and he has been with the fast-growing company for three years now. His tasks inc...

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Work well-beingmanager well-beingIT Services or IT Consulting

Auntie helps with giving and receiving feedback - Laura, Aiven

Laura Laurikainen, who has worked at Aiven for a little over a year, is in the role of CRM product owner, meaning she wo...

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IT Services or IT ConsultingBack to Business

From parental leave to a new job with the help of Back to Business package – Juha Falck, Qvik

Auntie’s Back to Business package helped Juha Falck, Sales Executive at Qvik, to return to the office after 5 months at ...

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attitude-changesolution-focusIT Services or IT Consulting

From “aha moments” to a change of attitude - Vesa, Visma

Vesa Perkiö works as an Account Manager at Visma. His clients are schools to which Vesa sells Wilma – a software, which ...

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