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Self-leadershipsocial media

Social media connects, enables and depresses

8 tips for managing your smart devices at work and at home. Generation Z, the Zoomers born between 1997 and 2012, was th...

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Four questions to stop procrastinating and get things done

There are two hours for a job or planning work marked down on the calendar. And in capital letters. But you are stuck wi...

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Routines are the trodden paths we follow each day

Daily routines give us a sense of direction and structure in our daily lives, for better or for worse. We perform our da...

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How to stay consistently motivated

We have all had that experience: Tasks are fun and it is easy to be motivated when they are new and you are still learni...

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brain recoveryproblem-solvingSelf-leadership

Doing nothing is necessary for recuperation and problem-solving

Take your foot off the accelerator. A butterfly is crossing the road. These lines from a renowned Finnish poet Eeva Kilp...

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The perfect job, not quite what you expected?

As a professional I have encountered clients who felt disillusioned after starting a new position. The job that they wer...

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self-managementleading yourselfSelf-leadership

Lead yourself and manage your well-being at work

Self-management is a skill that is worth practicing What is self-management and why should you do it? You may think it’s...

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online meetingsWorking from homeSelf-leadership

7 ways of getting through a meeting without losing focus or your mind

Since the beginning of the last year many of us have been spending a lot more time in online meetings. Working from home...

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Stokke employees learn self-leadership skills with Auntie

The flexibility of the hybrid workday requires more of both managers and employees. In the children's equipment business...

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