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Well-being at work for a successful company

Well-being at work means a safe, healthy and productive work, that skilled employees and work communities perform in a well-managed organisation. Well-being at work has an impact on the organisation’s results and overall performance as well as employer image and reputation. Depending on your industry, it may have a significant impact on the attractiveness of your organisation for the potential employees. Therefore it pays to invest in well-being measures, such as Auntie – a low threshold mental well-being service.

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What is the cost of poor mental health to the organisation? 

While the happy employees are 15-20 % more productive, the absenteeism costs per employee who drop out due poor mental health can cost an average of 45,000 euros.

In 33 % of the cases the cause of absenteeism is due to poor mental health. And this share is on the rise.

Putting early intervention programs in place and allowing employees to seek psychological support like the Auntie services as early as possible – without the stigma of mental health problems – starts showing on the bottom line as well.

Not everything can be easily measured, though. Poor mental health has a negative impact on creativity, innovation, and other employees. As a result the quality of work is reduced.

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Happy people – happy company

Your organisation can however find ways to reduce the cost of poor mental well-being of the employees. Low threshold services like Auntie can prevent the challenges from escalating into sick leaves, and improve work efficiency and reduce stress levels – making the organisation a happier place and thus reducing employee turnover.

Read our customer stories and find out how Auntie helps different kinds of organisations to be more productive while improving the well-being of their employees.

Auntie offers conceptualised mental well-being packages to the employees and leaders, ranging from sleep disorders and other personal life matters to remote management, team building and finding motivation.

Does your organisation not yet offer Auntie for leaders or team members?