Introducing Auntie's new CEO: Immo’s vision for mental health and workplace wellbeing

We have some exciting news to share: We are happy to introduce the newest addition to Auntie, Immo Salonen, who will be taking on the role of CEO at Auntie starting from August 1st, 2023. And without further ado, let’s have Immo introduce himself.

Hi everyone,

My name is Immo Salonen, and I am excited to start as the CEO at Auntie. Mental health is a critical topic in today's working life, impacting us all, and it holds personal importance to me for various reasons.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my strong commitment to foster a more sustainable working life by empowering people to take care of their mental health. 

I firmly believe that prioritising mental health and wellbeing within organisations is not just a moral imperative but a strategic investment that contributes to a company's success and the overall wellbeing of its employees.

I am impressed by the solid groundwork laid by Auntie’s founder and current CEO, Mervi Lamminen. Auntie is an exceptional organisation comprising highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to changing the field of mental health.  We all hope that Mervi can take the time to focus on her health and recovery as we start this new chapter at Auntie.

It is a privilege for me to become part of Auntie and lead its next stage of growth and success as the most loved partner in preventive mental health for all.

I am grateful for the opportunity to become part of the Auntie community, where our collective focus is on fostering a working environment that promotes long-term sustainability.

Warm regards,

For more information, please contact:
Trond Lutdal
Chairperson of the Board
 +47 905 44 556

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