Finnish Growth Company Auntie Ranked One of the 2021 Best Workplaces in Europe™

[Helsinki], 21 September 2021 – Great Place to Work®, the global authority on workplace culture, ranks Auntie in the Top 20 in its series on the Best Workplaces in Europe™ in 2021 list. The largest collection of employee experiences in Europe analyzed company workplace programs impacting over 1 million employees from across 36 countries and more than 3,000 companies in Europe about the key factors that create great workplaces for all. A total of 150 companies were awarded the Best Work Places in Europe ranking.

To be named as best in Europe, companies must first rank highest on Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces™ National Lists across the region. Auntie was ranked the winner of the mini-sized companies in Finland. This recognition is based on confidential survey data assessing employee experiences of trust, innovation, company values and leadership. 

The Best Workplaces in Europe™ list is published here:

Lue myös Suomen Great Place to Work:in tiedote (in Finnish)

A happier working life belongs to all

Auntie’s mission is to prevent exhaustion and provide low-threshold support for coping and everyday challenges before problems seem insurmountable. The service is already used in more than 300 organizations in the Nordic countries and Europe, and the company predicts that it will triple its turnover in 2021. The ranking in the GPTW competition is important to Auntie, as the goal is to build a happier working life for both customers and the company's own employees.

Mervi Lamminen, CEO and founder of Auntie says: “The evaluation is strongly based on employee experience data, and Auntie employees gave their employer a particularly excellent assessment for creating a feel-good workplace. Just as we work with our customer organisations to improve mental well-being and create a better working and everyday life, we aim to do the same with our own employees. The team is at the core of everything we do, and their experience creates the experience for our customers.”

Auntie employee Jonathan K says: “Just what isn't great at Auntie? The people here are awesome, the work we do is both meaningful and important, the atmosphere and every day there is a feeling of belonging to something greater than oneself. It's not just that I like my work but the fact that I love to do that work here and with these people. I don't see a single team member disappear within some gray mass and instead each and everyone’s work, support and input is valued and recognized. On top of that, like a co-worker of ours mentioned: Our management treats us like royalty.”

Mervi Lamminen thinks that the reason why Auntie is such a great place to work is that the work we do is meaningful, we get immediate feedback for it from our customers, which has a significant impact on job satisfaction. When all of us at Auntie do things right, we can help even more people around the world to feel better.

More information: Mervi Lamminen, Auntie CEO, mobile: +358 50 3805602,

About Auntie

Auntie provides employees in its customer organizations with low-threshold support for stress, overachievement, and finding lost motivation. Measurable results are achieved with conceptualized, fast-start service packages that focus on making small but impressive changes in one’s life. The service is available in 20 languages ​​and is implemented completely remotely. Nearly three hundred work communities in the Nordic countries and Europe use Auntie's services to support employee well-being and motivation.

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