Auntie's founder Mervi Lamminen passed away due to serious illness

We are sad to share that our founder and former CEO, Mervi, passed away on January 12th after bravely confronting a persistent illness. Mervi’s final moments were embraced by the warmth of family and close companions at her home.

Mervi wasn’t just a leader - she was an amazing person. Her big heart, sharp sense of humor and realness touched the lives of countless individuals within our organization and beyond. She made Auntie special and laid the foundation for the path we are on today. Mervi strongly believed in building a happier, healthier working life for us all and we will miss her greatly.

Let us all remember her the time we had with her with warmth, and carry forward her vision for better mental health with unwavering determination.

Warm regards,
Immo Salonen, CEO
and Team Auntie

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