Auntie Talks Podcast - Jenni Närvä - Back to Business

 What are the challenges of people returning to work after a longer period of time away from the office due to the pandemic or from working life altogether due to e.g. parental or sick leave? Do absent people still feel a part of the team and the company?

Jenni Närvä is Auntie's Founder Mervi Lamminen’s guest in Auntie Talks. Jenni is responsible for developing work ability management as Development Director at Barona. Jenni’s advice is to keep those people in mind - don't forget them and don't forget the potential they still have, and start preparing for their return beforehand. Finding out if their goals are still the same that they used to be before the absence, and what are their thoughts about their role and responsibilities today is crucial in helping people return to work. Especially if people go through a big life change like having a child or being on a sick leave for a longer time it's of course natural that they might change their view on their work. What if their goals have changed and the dreams and interests cannot be fulfilled in the previous job, what are the options then?

Listen to Jenni’s tips on helping employees get back to business.

Listen to the Auntie Talks episode

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