Auntie Talks Podcast - Anu-Kristiina Holm - Speak-up culture

What does it mean to have a speak-up culture? What does it represent in practice? Do people really feel free to express their ideas, concerns and opinions without the fear of facing negative consequences? In this episode of Auntie Talks Anu-Kristiina Holm, People Head at Ericsson Finland, and  Auntie's Johanna Rosengren (former Varje) talk about the importance of having a speak-up culture in the work community.

Are companies with an implemented speak-up culture more innovative, transparent and perform better? How does having a speak-up culture with psychological safety affect the employees motivation and engagement? What practical advice is there on how to encourage people to speak up and be active speakers?

Listen to Anu-Kristiina insights about the benefits of implementing it as part of the corporate culture.

Listen to the Auntie Talks episode

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