Auntie Talks Podcast - Anu-Kristiina Holm - Employee activity promotes well-being

Anu-Kristiina Holm works as Head of People at Ericsson, Finland, where there are about 50 different nationalities amongst the employees, and the majority of these 800 specialists work in research and development. Ericsson recently got a special mention in the competition for Finland’s Most Active Workplaces.

Ericsson participated in this competition to get more feedback on how they are doing when it comes to supporting employees’ well-being, especially regarding physical activity. Their strength has been a very active cooperation with the employees when it comes to physical well-being already for over 70 years, such as active employee club activities and these are the building blocks on which they have further developed different well-being activities. How does Ericsson promote these club activities? How to make sure people have a low threshold to participate? Who are the well-being ambassadors and what do they do? Which are the four areas of well-being Ericsson wants to promote?

Listen to Anu-Kristiina’s tips for creating an employee-centric well-being culture.

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