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The arrival of robotics has proven useful in the insurance sector, but the more complex cases are starting to take over most of the workday. The workload increases as cases become more challenging. There is an increasing need to take care of your employees, and the staff at If get support from Auntie. 

More and more people are retired for mental health reasons in Finland*

Mental health reasons have always been behind some disability pensions, but in recent years, they have become the main reasons, especially for young people.

According to Health Partner Hannele Rönkkö, who works in HR at If, the nature of working life is changing, and the required pace for doing your work and learning new things is becoming faster and faster. Work gets more complicated and the employee needs to learn new things continuously. How do you keep up? Are you allowed to say if you lack competence?

*Source: Finnish Centre for Pensions

Auntie offers low-threshold support

Auntie fits the world of If perfectly. The employees are used to working independently and reflecting on their own work, which means that the processes used at Auntie are also familiar to them. Auntie is a service that helps with preventing health issues at an early stage. If, as a company, does of course offer health services to its staff in case of illness, but Auntie can be useful in situations in which the employees face problems and challenges in their everyday lives and need support and help to solve or manage them. The health services offered by the employer, or even the support from their fellow employees, does not feel right.

Hannele Rönkkö, IF


"If we can prevent even a couple of sick days, Auntie has paid for itself!"

Hannele Rönkkö, Health Partner, If

Auntie assists with multiple issues

If and Auntie work together well – the If employees work with customers, but also as experts and as managers. Aunties’s services are a great match with the specialist services of If. 

Auntie supports If employees with their ability to work, and with health and well-being matters at work. Auntie offers packages for dealing with stress, managing yourself, increasing motivation and coping with serious issues in an employee’s personal life or with the demands of a busy family life. Auntie also supports the employee when they want to reconsider their career choices. Many employees want to discuss issues that are directly linked to their work: they may feel like the workload is too high or want to think about ways to work more efficiently.

Leader packages help employees to improve as managers

The Leader packages by Auntie are also used at If. Auntie does not train If employees to lead; Auntie supports the employees in their roles as managers. The Leader packages can help a manager to position themselves and help to clarify how to work as a manager and how to support a team.

The manager plays an important role when an employee seeks support from the services at Auntie. Hannele encourages employees to sign up via the closest manager, not with Auntie directly. When dealing with work-related, non-private issues, such as a high workload, it is the responsibility of the manager to offer help and support.

The Auntie reports show good results

Hannele Rönkkö explains that the feedback from the group reports by Auntie has been favourable. Auntie’s services are seen as a good way to get support as an individual employee. Many employees report good results from the service and recommend it to others.  

Auntie is an easy solution for HR

Hannele emphasises how easy it is to use Auntie’s services. She does not have to worry about scheduling or connecting employees with the service provider as Auntie takes care of all that. Using Auntie does not add to her work in HR.

The reports from Auntie are great, so as a buyer she knows the service is of good quality and it works. Hannele says: “If we can prevent even a couple of sick days, Auntie has paid for itself!”

If you are considering using Auntie’s services in your own company, Hannele encourages you to compare experiences with your peers in the HR industry. The pilot model works well, which means that the service can first be trialed by a smaller unit or team.

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