HR and work well-being


Auntie’s true internationalism is vital for us –

Founded nine years ago, Finnish software company has grown well, especially during the last few years. It is a ...

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Auntie’s relaxed and humorous approach makes it a perfect addition to a data-driven wellness service offering – Guidin

When Vincit decided it needed agile support for individual, holistic and coaching leadership, the HR platform LaaS was born. As ...

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Auntie was launched simultaneously in 17 countries to equally support wellbeing – WithSecure

WithSecure launched Auntie globally. The results have been very good. The multinational company really appreciates the fact that Auntie Professionals ...

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Meeting an acute need fast with Auntie – Visma Consulting

Visma Consulting turned to Auntie in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic as many employees struggled to strike a balance ...

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Auntie quickly won a place in people’s minds and hearts – A-lehdet Group

Auntie was introduced at A-lehdet Group in early 2021. In the second year of the pandemic, the company wanted to ...

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Different, fresh and international – Auntie found its place at VTT

The people at VTT are passionate about doing research at the top of their field. Even when highly motivated, it’s ...

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Auntie Talks Podcast – Jenni Närvä – Back to Business

Jenni Närvä is Auntie CEO Mervi Lamminen’s guest in Auntie Talks. Jenni is responsible for developing work ability management as ...

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At Qvik, Auntie is part of onboarding and caring – Qvik

Qvik is a Nordic technology company that does software consulting and focuses specifically on digital solutions developed for end-users. According ...

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Auntie Talks Podcast – Anu-Kristiina Holm – Speak-up culture

What does it mean to have a speak-up culture? What does it represent in practice? Do people really feel free ...

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Comprehensiveness is the best thing about Auntie – Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj

Sara Mäki-Kala, Human Resources Director at oral health and dental services company Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj, says that the well-being of ...

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Auntie Talks Podcast – Anu-Kristiina Holm – Employee activity promotes well-being

Anu-Kristiina Holm works as Head of People at Ericsson, Finland, where there are about 50 different nationalities amongst the employees, ...

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Creating an Inclusive Workplace

How can we make sure everyone feels included in the work community, how can we make people with different backgrounds ...

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Auntie Talks Podcast: Mikael Saarinen – How do personal problems affect the well-being at the workplace?

Auntie Talks – solutions for everyday problems in 15 minutes! Listen to the episode:  Mikael Saarinen – How do personal ...

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