Employee’s well-being at work


6 tips for unwinding from work

Recovery is something we often think about in the context of physical performance. When working out, it is well known ...

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Doing nothing is necessary for recuperation and problem-solving

Take your foot off the accelerator. A butterfly is crossing the road. These lines from a renowned Finnish poet Eeva ...

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Creating an Inclusive Workplace

How can we make sure everyone feels included in the work community, how can we make people with different backgrounds ...

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Auntie Talks Podcast: Mikael Saarinen – How do personal problems affect the well-being at the workplace?

Auntie Talks – solutions for everyday problems in 15 minutes! Listen to the episode:  Mikael Saarinen – How do personal ...

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Saying “No” without regret – Step by step

During my work with Auntie clients, one topic is coming up regularly: the need to set clear boundaries. There is ...

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Auntie Talks Podcast: Hanna-Kaisa Raninen – Millennials, do they need special care in working life?

Auntie Talks – solutions for everyday problems in 15 minutes! Listen to the episode: Hanna-Kaisa Raninen – Millennials, do they need ...

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How to work with difficult colleagues

As in all areas of life where we spend a lot of time with other people, we sometimes encounter people ...

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Brain well-being

How can we support our brains at work? Our bodies are not the only thing we use while working, both ...

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Lead yourself and manage your well-being at work

Self-management is a skill that is worth practicing. What is self-management and why should you do it? You may think ...

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Encountering adversity with resilience – how can resilience be strengthened?

We all face different setbacks throughout our lives. We face both small everyday adversities and major life changes and crises. ...

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7 ways of getting through a meeting without losing focus or your mind

Since the beginning of the last year many of us have been spending a lot more time in online meetings. ...

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Find a balance between stress and recovery

How are you right now if you think about the last two weeks? Based on your own assessment, is your stress ...

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On the other side of the hard-luck stories are high hopes

You probably know the type that always seems to complain? The conversation usually starts with something  said in a whining ...

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