Employee well-being at work


For Johanna, Auntie is a mirror – Johanna Joutsen, dentsu

Johanna Joutsen works at dentsu, and has recently moved on to lead the company’s experiential marketing business. Johanna has a ...

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At Qvik, Auntie is part of onboarding and caring – Qvik

Qvik is a Nordic technology company that does software consulting and focuses specifically on digital solutions developed for end-users. According ...

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Doing nothing is necessary for recuperation and problem-solving

Take your foot off the accelerator. A butterfly is crossing the road. These lines from a renowned Finnish poet Eeva ...

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Auntie Talks Podcast – Anu-Kristiina Holm – Speak-up culture

What does it mean to have a speak-up culture? What does it represent in practice? Do people really feel free ...

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Recovery skills

The time before Christmas starts after the summer vacation. New goals are set and start to fade after a week ...

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Impostor Syndrome

Especially younger professionals often feel that they are not good enough at their jobs. This goes along with the nagging ...

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Comprehensiveness is the best thing about Auntie – Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj

Sara Mäki-Kala, Human Resources Director at oral health and dental services company Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj, says that the well-being of ...

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Auntie Talks Podcast – Anu-Kristiina Holm – Employee activity promotes well-being

Anu-Kristiina Holm works as Head of People at Ericsson, Finland, where there are about 50 different nationalities amongst the employees, ...

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Minimum effort, maximum effect – Auntie helps quickly and easily

For Ramboll it is clear – only satisfied, committed employees develop creative ideas and innovative approaches to solutions. That’s why ...

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Reconciling work and other life – Help from shared ground rules

Many of us have found ourselves at a job where the time and place to do the work are not ...

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Auntie Talks – Margaretha Madoures – How to work with difficult colleagues

We spend about a third of our lives at work, and the chances of interacting with a difficult colleague, boss ...

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From parental leave to a new job with the help of Back to Business package – Juha Falck, Qvik

Auntie’s Back to Business package helped Juha Falck, Sales Executive at Qvik, to return to the office after 5 months ...

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The perfect job, not quite what you expected?

As a professional I have encountered clients who felt disillusioned after starting a new position. The job that they were ...

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