Psychological safety: the bedrock of any organisation

I cannot remember how often I’ve sat quietly in a meeting listening to others share or rave about their opinions. ...

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Vacation bliss or vacation stress? Get the most out of your holidays!

It is a commonly held belief that extended time off can help to decrease work-related stress and improve work motivation. ...

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Is sleep your superpower (yet)?

We’ve all heard it before: Sleep is very important. And yet, most are not able to get the right amount ...

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Strong emotions at work

Sooner or later, you will encounter strong emotions at the workplace. Whether it is an angry colleague, a stressed manager ...

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Routines are the trodden paths we follow each day

Daily routines give us a sense of direction and structure in our daily lives, for better or for worse. We ...

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The ABC of giving and receiving feedback

When we think about feedback, before we know it our thoughts lead us back to life’s early days. Receiving positive ...

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Together, but still lonely? Steps to strengthen togetherness in the workplace

Have you felt lonely? Or lonely at work? Has remote work increased your sense of loneliness? In one way or ...

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Self-compassion in the workplace

In a competitive work environment, it can easily happen that self-compassion stays behind. Many professionals feel that they need to ...

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How to stay consistently motivated

We have all had that experience: Tasks are fun and it is easy to be motivated when they are new ...

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Doing nothing is necessary for recuperation and problem-solving

Take your foot off the accelerator. A butterfly is crossing the road. These lines from a renowned Finnish poet Eeva ...

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Recovery skills

The time before Christmas starts after the summer vacation. New goals are set and start to fade after a week ...

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Impostor Syndrome

Especially younger professionals often feel that they are not good enough at their jobs. This goes along with the nagging ...

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Reconciling work and other life – Help from shared ground rules

Many of us have found ourselves at a job where the time and place to do the work are not ...

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