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Mental well-being support for the entrepreneur

Entreprereur, how are you, are your well? Does everyday like take its toll on you, are your sure you will cope? What happens to your small business if you don’t?

Auntie’s mental well-being services help the small businesses with more than 10 employees.

Do you remember to take care of your own well-being, entrepreneur? Are you getting worried about your coping and that of your team mates? Good if you are at least aware of the risks, since recognising the meaning of well-being, you can also improve it! Small business owners have to take care of their well-being themselves. And a well-being business owner and their attitude towards maitaining well-being is a prerequisite for a successful company.

Work ability consists of many things. Healthy lifestyles and well-functioning relationships are the foundation of well-being. Competence, attitudes, values ​​and motivation also affect work ability. Competence can be developed e.g. but also attitudes, motivation and self-management can be developed.

Auntie Classic Service - low threshold mental well-being

Who can you spar with? Who listens to the small business owner and the team?

Can you and your team discuss matters of mental well-being with anyone? Do you recognize that you are stressed, or that you are an overachiever? Have you thought of ways you can reduce your stress? If everyday life is full of challenges and the same thoughts circulate in your mind, something should be done, but getting help feels slow and laborious. And going to occupational health doesn’t seem right for you.

When you need a conversation partner – a personal trainer of the mind – to support your values, motivation, self-management, better sleep and recovery, stress reduction, or overachieving, Auntie professionals will help. You can access the Auntie service quickly, even in a couple of days without a doctor’s referral or entry to any health registry. Psychological conversational support also helps the entrepreneur to develop as a manager and team leader and strengthen team resilience.

Auntie Plus service

Auntie helps the small business and the entrepreneur when the going gets tough

If you business employs 10 or more people, please contact Auntie sales team and we will tell you more about the Auntie service.