An offer to join Stress Awareness Month.

Auntie packages for free!

Join Stress Awareness Month and get more value for your mental well-being investments. You will get a FREE Auntie package for every 10 Auntie packages you acquire before April 30th. As a result you will ensure that more people from your organization have an opportunity to feel less stressed.

In April we also grant up to 100 % discount on the starter fee when you order more than 30 packages! For 10-30 packages orders the starter fee is 725€ (normally 1450€). 

Free Auntie webinar on May 12th at 10-10:30 CET/11-11:30 EET

Recognising Burnout in Your Team

Very often the early signs of chronic stress go unnoticed. Stress builds up little by little and one may not even acknowledge the changes in their life. How could you recognize early on at your workplace if someone is suffering from the early signs of burnout or chronic stress? This webinar will give you a brief overview on cumulative stress and what kind of signs in someone’s behavior might be associated with early signs of burnout.

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